One year later

One year later, we have women marching in the streets in Grand Marais and nationwide claiming their rights have yet to be fulfilled. At the same time carrying signs bashing the current president of the United States for their woes. Their mixed and confused messages do no justice to their cause, it just politicizes it. Make up your minds. You want me to support your cause? Send me a message that is clear and justified.

Don’t send me mixed gibberish as you have done. You have a long way to go.

One year later, we have a replacement senator for Minnesota. He is gone, and she is “put in.” Her past includes being the regional head of “Planned Parenthood” for Minnesota and the Dakotas. Did she oversee the business end of selling baby-parts? One can assume considering her title at the time.

She has zero credibility in many homes here in Minnesota. We gained nothing.

One year later, we have state officials who tried to give new enhanced driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in this state. Governor Mark Dayton and Senator Tom Bakk stated it was all about safety. What? How about the law? How about enforcing the law? I guess that’s too much to ask. Tell that to the Minnesota State Troopers who are out there every night busting their humps keeping us safe.

Then tell your family that your loved ones were killed or injured by an illegal behind the wheel because some politicians in Minnesota didn’t do their job.


One year later, we have continuing county injustice. We have (as seen) giddy county reps on video who laugh all the while they claim to have “dominance” of “our” domain. They need to be ousted soon.

These people are a “clear and present danger” to the bank accounts in Cook County.

Spending your money inefficiently and voting in one-sided players to places where they can misspend more of your money is insanity in motion. Well, you wanted them there. How do you like ’em now?

One year later. As of 1-19-18, we had a planeload of illegal aliens fly into Minneapolis per “Judicial Watch” website. These teen adults were the product of DHS/Obama holdovers still operating within our government. Get your wallets out. Last year we all paid $734 million for the care of illegals in this state (not including fed money).

Read the report; they got priority boarding on your dime. Unbelievable!

One year later, ISD 166 will suffer the same fate as other campuses across the nation.

They are going to teach “social justice” to the kids. That’s where they fill their heads with things that don’t really exist except just there and then send them out among us.

Common courtesy and self-restraint are forgotten. They were replaced by “acceptance” and “tolerance” and “diversity.” News flash – you don’t have to accept anything you feel is wrong with you. That’s called “freedom of choice.”

Respect is something you earn. It is not supposed to be doled out free of charge. Maybe they need to go back to the old ways.

Lloyd Geillinger

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