Cook County Law Enforcement briefs

It is the policy of the Cook County News-Herald to withhold the identities of individuals in Cook County Law Enforcement briefs. When court proceedings are complete, the Cook County News-Herald publishes a complete accounting of names and penalties in its Matters of Record.

Monday, Jan. 29
8:51 a.m., Grand Portage: Deputies assisted with
highway crossings for the sled dog race.
9:49 a.m., Grand Marais: Inmate transport.
11:11 a.m., Grand Portage: Driver struck a light pole in
the parking lot at the lodge, and the airbags deployed.
The driver declined medical attention.
11:37 a.m., Grand Marais: Caller from First Avenue
West said there is a small gray owl in the front yard,
and it’s not moving.
2:41 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said she lost her new
vehicle tabs.
3:58 p.m., Grand Portage: Suspicious activity reported
on Mineral Center Road.
5:58 p.m., Grand Marais: A dog was seen near the
library dragging its chain.
Tuesday, Jan. 30
7:52 a.m., Grand Marais: School patrol.
9:11 a.m., Grand Marais: Inmate transport.
9:36 a.m., Grand Portage: Customs apprehended a
female wrong-way driver with marijuana.
9:54 a.m., Grand Marais: Inmate transport.
11:49 a.m., Lutsen: Ambulance called to the ski hill for
a 66-year-old man with a head injury.
6:50 p.m., Grand Marais: Lights were on in the Coast
Guard building.
7:12 p.m., Lutsen: Report of a vehicle stopped in the
middle of Caribou Trail with its flashers on. It was gone
when a deputy arrived.
11:00 p.m., Grand Portage: Caller said there is a man in
her house. Turns out it was her husband.
Wednesday, Jan. 31
5:13 a.m., Grand Marais: Caller from East Bay Suites
was locked out of her room.
9:48 a.m., Grand Marais: Lost FitBit reported.
3:23 p.m., Tofte: Traffic citation issued.
5:13 p.m., Grand Portage: Caller wanted intoxicated
persons removed from her residence.
10:50 p.m., Grand Portage: Caller said there is a man
walking back and forth, yelling, by the stop sign at the
Thursday, Feb. 1
7:32 a.m., Grand Marais: Fire alarm at the hospital.
9:01 a.m., Grand Marais: Alarm set off on West
Wisconsin Street.
9:49 a.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
11:47 a.m., Grand Marais: A cell phone was found near
the Heritage Post.
12:33 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of an infant in the
car, and the mom was inside the grocery store.
1:30 p.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
3:36 p.m., Grand Marais: Neighbor trouble reported at
Birchwood Apartments.
5:24 p.m., Grand Marais: Child protection case.
10:09 p.m., Grand Portage: Caller said there is a
suspicious person in her house, sleeping on a cot.
Friday, Feb. 2
6:55 a.m., Grand Marais: Inmate transport.
7:51 a.m., Grand Marais: Arrest made for fifth-degree
drug violation.
8:08 a.m., Grand Marais: Car went into the ditch off
Sobanja Lane, and the roadway is partially blocked.
9:25 a.m., Grand Marais: A mailbox on the Gunflint
Trail was hit by an unknown vehicle.
12:10 p.m., Grand Marais: A vehicle hit a coyote on the
highway near Hall Road.
4:57 p.m., Lutsen: One-vehicle accident reported at
West Highway 61 at Norwood.
5:13 p.m., Grand Marais: Fraud phone call reported.
6:55 p.m., Grand Marais: A debit card was found at the
bank’s ATM, and turned in at the Law Enforcement
8:37 p.m., Tofte: A vehicle broke down on the highway
at mile marker 81. A tow truck was en route.
Saturday, Feb. 3
11:27 a.m., Grand Marais: Report that Devil Track
Road is very slippery.
2:50 p.m., Grand Marais: Power outage on County
Road 7, and the caller’s furnace was out.
3:23 p.m., Grand Marais: A wallet was left at Oddz &
4:13 p.m., Grand Portage: A vehicle blew a tire on the
highway near the Trading Post, and will be left there
until the morning. It was off the highway.
5:09 p.m., Lutsen: A snowmobiler suffered injuries after
he struck a tree on Barker Lake Road.
6:07 p.m., Grand Marais: Vehicle stuck in the ditch at
County Road 6-Meridian Road.
7:53 p.m., Grand Marais: Snowmobiler lost a backpack
somewhere on the trail between Lutsen and Grand
9:41 p.m., Grand Marais: Truck in the ditch off Devil
Track Road.
Sunday, Feb. 4
6:51 a.m., Lutsen: A line fell off a pole that was hit
near Lockport Store, and the owner believed it may be
9:44 a.m., Grand Marais: Fire alarm on Fifth Avenue
11:20 a.m., Lutsen: Ambulance called to the ski hill
for a 23-year-old woman with hip and upper quadrant
2:24 p.m., Grand Marais: Child visitation issues.
3:13 p.m., Grand Marais: Dead deer on the highway,
referred to State Patrol.

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