Cook County Law Enforcement briefs

It is the policy of the Cook County News-Herald to withhold the identities of individuals in Cook County Law Enforcement briefs. When court proceedings are complete, the Cook County News-Herald publishes a complete accounting of names and penalties in its Matters of Record.

Monday, July 29
8:24 a.m., Grand Marais: Three loose dogs were roaming near
the Art Colony.
9:21 a.m., Grand Marais: Complaint about loud fireworks that
go off during the weekends late at night near Seventh Avenue
West, and also loud music.
11:55 a.m., Grand Marais: Suspicious activity reported at the
skate park. There was a sweatshirt there that smells funny and
had drugs inside.
1:39 p.m., Grand Portage: Two depth finders were reported
stolen from a boat at the marina.
3:59 p.m., Grand Marais: A person who left a skateboard in
the weeds on Artist Point while he went walking on the rocks
said it was gone when he returned.
5:16 p.m., Lutsen: Caller said a car started on fire in the
driveway, and it’s going to explode.
5:21 p.m., Grand Portage: Probation violation investigation.
8:06 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said a vehicle was chasing
Tuesday, July 30
7:08 a.m., Hovland: A small fawn appeared to be injured and
was lying on the side of the highway at mile marker 123.
10:56 a.m., Grand Marais: Deputy assisted a motorist with a
disabled vehicle at the Rock Cut.
7:57 p.m., Grand Marais: Theft of a large tool box with more
tool boxes inside was reported.
8:16 p.m., Grand Marais: Intoxicated driver arrested near
11:22 p.m., Grand Marais: Noise complaint from the Rec
Wednesday, July 31
10:04 a.m., Lutsen: A person drove into the credit union. No
injuries reported.
12:45 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said there was an animal in
distress in a parked van outside Bluewater. One window was
rolled down less than half an inch.
11:11 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of a car and a young kid on
a bike at the skate park.
Thursday, Aug. 1
10:45 a.m., Schroeder: Water emergency at Temperance
11:26 a.m., Grand Marais: Parking complaints near City Hall.
2:16 p.m., Grand Marais: Parking complaint about a vehicle
that blocked the alley near Sven & Ole’s.
6:35 p.m., Hovland: Caller said there was a gigantic German
shepherd running around. Animal Advocates called.
Friday, Aug. 2
1:11 a.m., Grand Marais: DWI arrest.
11:48 a.m., Grand Marais: Parking complaint near Stone
12:29 p.m., Grand Marais: Reported theft of an iPhone
charger cord from a parked vehicle near the Community
12:34 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said a skateboarder just
tried to grab onto his vehicle on Artist Point.
1:45 p.m., Grand Marais: Extra patrols requested in the
campground after someone was walking around the previous
night and knocking on camper doors.
2:15 p.m., Grand Marais: Verbal disturbance at Subway after
two men refused to leave.
2:20 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller complained about preachers
yelling over a loud speaker downtown with no permit. No
action was needed because nothing against the law was done.
3:25 p.m., Grand Marais: A deputy assisted with finding a lost
person downtown.
5:27 p.m., Schroeder: Report of a person in the river
drowning at Temperance.
7:18 p.m., Grand Marais: A man was passed out on the grass
on North Broadway.
9:21 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of four intoxicated juveniles
at Super America.
9:31 p.m., Grand Marais: Assault on a woman reported
Saturday, Aug. 3
9:54 a.m., Grand Portage: Domestic altercation reported.
10:40 a.m., Grand Marais: Caller said the area near Buck’s
Hardware was not blocked off good enough, and cars are
driving through the basketball tournament. A deputy was
asked to move the barriers.
10:54 a.m., Grand Marais: Report of a dog left in a parked van
with no windows down.
3:15 p.m., Grand Marais: A female passed out near City Hall.
3:37 p.m., Schroeder: Reported theft of a diesel engine.
4:12 p.m., Grand Marais: Report that the ambulance backed
into a tent at Joynes. The whole tent was bent.
4:44 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said the Animal Advocates
lady is following him around town and won’t leave him alone.
She finally walked away when he called 911.
5:25 p.m., Grand Marais: Parking complaint behind Sven
& Ole’s. The caller said he has been parked in for over two
5:48 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller wanted to know why the
harbor and boat launch were roped off prior to the fireworks.
This hasn’t been done in previous years, he said.
7:17 p.m., Grand Marais: Report that skateboarders were
coming down the hill on First Avenue West, causing traffic
7:59 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of two kids on skateboards
and one on a scooter doing property damage and illegal
mushrooms at the skate park.
8:42 p.m., Grand Marais: Trespassing.
10:17 p.m., Lutsen: Complaint about people running down
Caribou Drive shouting and lighting off firecrackers.
Sunday, Aug. 4
12:47 a.m., Grand Marais: Deputy assistance requested to get
people to leave the Legion.
2:14 a.m., Grand Marais: Citations issued at a pit party on
USFS 1309.
2:57 a.m., Grand Marais: Loud noise complaint from the
11:11 a.m., Grand Portage: Attempted theft of gasoline
1:33 p.m., Grand Portage: Theft of a radio from a vehicle
2:12 p.m., Grand Marais: A softball hit a parked vehicle and
dented the door at the Rec Park.
3:02 p.m., Grand Marais: A parked motorcycle was backed
into at My Sister’s Place.
5:54 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller reported what looks like
debris floating in the harbor.
10:42 p.m., Grand Marais: DWI arrest.

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